Bare List on Father’s Wisdom [Excerpt]

The following is a removed portion of the forthcoming novel, Line of Law and Justice. For more behind-the-scenes looks at your favorite characters and updates on Line of Law and Justice, make sure to follow this blog.

Growing up, Jeb had been embarrassed of his mother’s staunch independence; the times just didn’t allow for that kind of drive on a female. Women were supposed to stay home and tend to the house and children, but Rita chose not only to work on the family farm but to be nurse. Not because she needed to work. Sure, they were dirt poor but so was everyone else in town. She worked because she wanted to, which added insult to injury as far as Jeb was concerned. She still managed to put dinner on the table and make clothes for the boys, but she was the only mom on the block getting ready for work in the morning, and she was loaded with attitude. On more than one occasion, she argued with his father, Jonah, in public.

Long about the time Jeb started dating the ever-ready-to-please Jillian, he began thinking he had a handle on women and asked his dad why he put up with his mother acting that way. Through a tobacco stained grin, Jonah Tate replied simply, “she must be here cause she wants me, cause she sure as shit don’t need me, and it feels damn good to be wanted, son.”

The allure of the sentiment was lost on Jeb. Proper society dictated that a man should be the breadwinner and a woman should be grateful for it. A man could only be truly fulfilled if allowed to care for his keep, to work his body and mind and come home to a wife that showed her appreciation through a clean house, tasty dinner, and winning smile. His dad could deny it until the cows came home, but it was an embarrassment for a woman to do for herself. Besides, Jeb assumed the statement was a backhanded jab at his mate of choice. Jonah Tate was no fan of Jillian. Thought Jeb would grow tired of “messin with weak women that had more in their bra than in their brains”. Big talk for a guy who had to get permission from his wife to go out rabbit hunting.


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